URA has revealed on Monday 11 October that it has granted 2 government land sales (GLS) websites at Slim Barracks Increase (Parcels An and B). Both are household websites with business on the initial storey.

Parcel A was awarded to EL Advancement, while Parcel B was granted to Gao Xiuhua, Riverfront Residences who is just one of the owners of Kingsford Development. Both have actually sent the top bids for the corresponding websites, with EL Advancement submitting a bidding cost of S$ 320.1 million for Parcel An and Gao Xiuhua submitting a bidding process cost of S$ 162.388 million for Parcel B.

Notably, Gao Xiuhua had the second-highest bidding process rate for Parcel A at S$ 316.1 million. In general, both sites gathered 10 proposals each.

The 99-year leasehold websites were first launched on 15 June as part of the H1 2021 GLS Programme, as well as closed on 28 September.

Offered their area in one-north and distance to Buona Vista MRT and also one-north MRT, both websites will certainly offer more housing alternatives for those working in the biomedical and also technology hub.

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